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Teaching psychic meditation techniques and doing readings is some of the best fun we know, and being able to do it as your profession is an amazing gift. Balanced properly, your spiritual and material success feed and reinforce each other, creating desirable outcomes for both you and your students or clients. The trick, of course, is maintaining that balance. That’s where we can help.

We’re Jay and Krystal Hipps. We both started at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in the 1980s, completing the clairvoyant training and other programs, including teacher training and one-to-one. Jay’s work at BPI led him to the position of dean of graduate reading training, and he also taught at Aesclepion in San Rafael, Calif. He’s currently on staff at both Intuitive Way and the Energy Matters Academy. Krystal’s training is similarly extensive, and in 2021 she completed the five-year trancemedium training program from Cody Edner at Intuitive Vision.

We’ve never set up a professional reading practice before — for us, it’s always been more important to work in the context of active training programs, supporting students and our fellow teachers. The reason we’ve created hippsychics now — that’s pronounced “hip psychics,” in case you’re wondering — is because we see a need for the kind of communication we can provide, as well as an opportunity to make our own unique contribution to the broader psychic community.


Our experience has made us quite familiar with the dynamics of readers and readees as well as teachers and students.

There are plenty of ways to get stuck but, fortunately, we have found that keeping a focus on psychic fundamentals like amusement, owning your space, and blowing matching pictures almost always offers a way back to getting your energy moving again. (Should those tools prove insufficient, we do have some more tricks up our sleeves.).

We may eventually offer classes or workshops but we’re going to start with energy checks for teachers conducted via FaceTime or Zoom. Our introductory rate is $125 for a one hour session with both of us.


If you’d like to work with us, you can make an appointment below.

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